Abbey Road Studios: Abbey Road Landmarks Mint Liquorice

Abbey Road Landmarks Mint Liquorice

Abbey Road Studios

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A neat sandwich of white mint and black liquorice in the middle, resembling the iconic Abbey Road Crossing. These sweets are unique in both taste and texture and are extremely delicious.

Packaged in our Landmark Range design that make for the perfect confectionery gift or treat.

The design features the seminal crossing multiplied and floating within the vibrant space, with the flashing yellow beacons either side. Since The Beatles first stepped foot on the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios for the cover of their 1969 album Abbey Road, it has become a pilgrimage to most music fans, with hundreds coming to imitate the shot outside the Studios every day.

The Abbey Road entrance and steps are also featured in fluorescent colours, along with the London street sign from which the Studios and famous Beatles’ album both got their name. Record grooves and wavelength patterns nod to the world-famous recording, mixing and mastering legacy of the studios, all housed within a round, vinyl-shaped design.