Love Unlimited Orchestra: My Sweet Summer Suite

My Sweet Summer Suite

Love Unlimited Orchestra

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  • Release Date 29 March 2019
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Vinyl LP
UMC / Mercury

My Sweet Summer Suite is Love Unlimited Orchestra’s fifth LP, released in 1976, the same year that Barry White released his seminal Let The Music Play LP. The LP’s title song was a No. 1 Dance Chart smash, while its new pressing features the original long version of “Strange Games & Things,” a track which has become a cult

  1. My Sweet Summer Suite (5.01)
  2. Strange Games & Things (Original Long Version) (8.32)
  3. Blues Concerto (3.42)
  4. You, I Adore (4.59)
  5. Brazilian Love Song (6.09)
  6. Are You Sure (4.08)
  7. You’ve Given Me Something (3.26)
  8. I’m Falling In Love With You (4.18)