Am I British Yet: CD


Release date: 27 October, 2023

CD Album
YOY Records


Multi-platinum musician, GRAMMY®-Nominated songwriter, and multi-faceted artist

V V Brown is back with her fourth studio album Am I Black British yet? This is a groundbreaking exploration of black identity. This cutting edge project features influences from James Baldwin, Erykah Badu, Soul to Soul, Roots Manoeuvre, and Windrush generation poets. Showcasing her Jamaican and Black British heritage through genre blurring soundscapes, V V Brown has crafted an innovative musical experience that refuses the status quo.

This collaborative masterpiece was meticulously crafted between two musical powerhouses from opposite sides of the globe - J Sensible, hailing from the land down under, and Milton Keynes representing the UK. Despite being miles apart, they've managed to create a breathtaking album that sounds as if they were in the same room.The music is more than just sound; It's a cultural and sociological exploration into Black Britishness that transcends time and generations. A fusion of artists young and old come together to share their experiences with V V Brown leading the charge with her stunning vocals.

This album marks a pivotal moment for Black British music, forging a deep connection to history while exuding a present-day feel that will certainly stand the test of time. Get ready to be mesmerised by this musical journey that you won't want to miss adding to your music collection.


1. Break of the night

2. Marginalised

3. I will always be black

4. Black British

5. Let us remember by

6. Philosophy

7. Am I British Yet?

8. No fear

9. Generations

10. Twisted

11. Go back to where you came from

12. Just be

13. Jamaica

14. History

15. Inhale

16. Swallowing my pride

17. Mission

18. Be

["V V Brown"]