The Abbey Road ‘Let It Be’ 1970 Slip Mat


Release date: 17 September, 2020



The Beatles’ Let It Be album artwork inspired this thick slip mat, which is part of an exclusive collaboration with The Beatles. Made from 16oz polyester, it is perfect for protecting your turntable when you’re not using it.

The Abbey Road Let It Be 1970 collection celebrates the 50-year anniversary of The Beatles’ final studio album, Let It Be. Comprising of three exclusive products (a t-shirt, slip mat & tote bag), each item presents a photo of each Beatle from the album cover on a khaki green background, the perfect autumnal colour. The four shots were taken during the Get Back sessions. Rehearsals for the album began in January 1969, with all the recordings being filmed for a documentary about The Beatles returning to live performances. This project yielded the famous rooftop concert. The album was then put on hold, with The Beatles creating Abbey Road, and Let It Be was finally finished and released in May 1970.

Abbey Road Studios